Die AdFiS products GmbH in Teterow

The aim was to produce a new type of activated carbon – “dopetac sulfo 100”- which was developed together with Fraunhofer Umsicht. That’s why we founded AdFiS products GmbH.

“dopetac sulfo 100″ is the unique success story of a new generation of activated carbon.

Because of the outstanding properties of our activated carbon we’re now producing approximately 1800 tonnes per year of it in Teterow, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany.

Already by 2014, our activated carbon was leading the market in Germany.

The results of the development of doped activated carbon, dopetac® sulfo 100, coupled with road tests carried out over a number of years, have helped us to come up with a special activated carbon for desulfurisation with the capacity to absorb the greatest amount of sulfur in the shortest amount of time.

AdFiS products GmbH