Changing the Activated Carbon

Are you ready for the next activated carbon change?
Would you like to avoid unnecessary downtime of your CHP?

Competent employees will undertake the change of adsorbers of all makes throughout Germany. Fast, clean and fault-free work – we have the specialist knowledge!

Lifting equipment including personnel for big bag transportation must be provided by the customer, and we will take care of the rest.

If required, our fitter will also take on the starting process for the refilled filter. It is necessary to do this gently – if the gas flow is supplied too quickly, the activated carbon might overheat. In the worst-case scenario, the activated carbon filter will inadvertently cause a smouldering fire – a “problem” of ALL activated carbons. The reason for this is the high adsorption capacity and the resulting heat of reaction of the material.

By expert regulation of the gas supply, the risk is considerably reduced.

We supply you with the activated carbon, change it rapidly and take care of the disposal (link) of your used activated carbon.

AdFiS products GmbH – Everything under one roof.