Pipe insertion filter / Pipe filter

DN 100/110 and DN 150

Odor emissions?

In the municipal sector or in industry, odor emissions due to sulfur compounds, or similar, in the exhaust air are often a problem, and could even pose a health hazard.

Simple solution

A simple and cost-effective solution to this problem are the innovative pipe insert filters from AdFiS. The basis is our doped activated carbon, which is already successfully used worldwide for the purification of biogas and odors at wastewater treatment plants, landfills or in the biogas sector.
Due to the innovative design, the pipe filter adapts optimally to the pipe side walls and can be replaced at any time, if required.

Rohrfilter DN100 kurz

Pipe filter DN100 short

Rohrfilter DN100 lang

Pipe filter DN100 long