Siloxane Removal

Many purification plants and waste disposal sites complain about the excessive wear of gas motors due to siloxanes in the combustion gas. In the oxidation of the siloxanes, silicon dioxide (sand) is produced during the combustion process. The resulting abrasion mainly effects motor components such as valves, cylinder heads, turbine blades and pipework.

Removal siloxanes with activated carbon

For the removal of the siloxanes, a powerful activated carbon is needed. With our special activated carbon “AFA 4-1050 S, we provide a reliable solution.

This relates to a steam-activated anthracite coal that has a very high physical adsorption power, due to the large open pore system. This activated carbon is particularly capable of taking up siloxanes and other volatile organic compounds.

At a nominal diameter of 4mm and a bulk density of approx. 500g/l, the siloxane carbon “AFA 4-1050 S” features an outstanding mechanical stability.

Steinkohle Aktivkohle Siloxanentfernung