AdFiS products GmbH – Testimonials

When we launched dopetac sulfo 100® on the German market in 2009, we had plant operators saying to us: “Desulfuring? Don’t need to. My engine can cope”. But today anyone who operates a biogas plant knows only too well that desulfuring is absolutely vital. Doesn’t matter what form the gas is used in, you’ve got to get rid of the sulfur.

Once the first plants had started using dopetac sulfo 100® in 2009, word spread quickly about the advantages of the product. Since then, numerous plants have started using dopetac sulfo 100®. Together with our distributors, we’ve supplied more than 1500 biogas plants throughout Germany. In addition to this, dopetac sulfo 100 has already been used with great success in more than 30 countries around the world.

As well as using it to clean biogas plants, our activated carbon can also be used to desulfur sewage gas or sulfur-rich exhaust.
Like many before you, you can rely on the quality of our products.