Exhaust Air Purification

If, in addition to the chemical cleaning of H2S, high demands are placed on the physical adsorption capacity at the same time, then good advice is usually rare. Both, doped and impregnated activated carbon can then often exhaust their potential just inadequately.

How can the odor problem be solved?

For these special applications, the activated carbon AFA 4- dot S was designed. It is produced on the basis of hard coal using the same patented process as the doped activated carbon dopetac sulfo 100®, and is characterized by a higher mesopore content. As a result, it is able to remove volatile organic compounds or siloxanes effectively from the gas phase, without significantly affecting the chemisorptive properties of the activated carbon.

Typical applications?

Industrial exhaust air purification, waste fermentation plants, landfill gas purification plants, etc.

Delivery sizes?

Our doped activated carbon AFA 4-dot. S can be supplied in big bags or handy-sized paper bags.

Exhaust Air Purification