Landfill gas

The quality and make-up of landfill gas is a reflection of our time. Huge variations in types of waste in different layers mean that, over the years, the quality of gases also varies enormously. As the requirements for purifying gas vary, this calls for a very versatile activated carbon.

If gas analysis shows increased sulfur contents and/or other sulfur compounds, then dopetac sulfo 100® with its open pore system is the right choice. For example, if you need to remove siloxanes, you’ll find our special black coal AFA 4-1050S is what you’re looking for. You can also mix the two activated carbons in a filter should harmful gas components occur simultaneously.

Our activated carbons mean that a vast number of typical gas components can be adsorbed at landfills, so that landfill gas can continue to be used, all the while meeting emissions requirements.