High Density Carbon Pellets

Carbonisates are carbonised materials with a high carbon content, such as, for example, charcoal or core trays. Furthermore, these products are used to change hardness properties in the steel industry. To do this, carbon is released from the carbonisate and combined into the steel surface.

Carbonisates available on the market are mainly granulates, as the natural materials are carbonised in their original form. This is conditioned by an irregular grain size and relative small carbon density of the materials.

High carbon density – Uniform grain size

The carbonisates manufactured in our production plant (link) are pelleted, unlike the products normally available on the market. This provides considerable advantages when they are used. The grain size of our product is uniform and therefore practical for use. By screening and dedusting of the product before delivery, the proportion of very small grains is low, which increases the carbon density, which is greater than for granulates.

For special requirements on the chemical composition of the carbonisates, the recipe for these products can be individually adapted. Processing charcoal powder with a sugar-water based binding agent, and any incorporation of various chemicals, allows the product properties to be varied. In cooperation with our colleagues from the area of development and the laboratory (link) you can develop products with us, and then have them produced.

Karbonisate Kohlenstoffpellets