Desulphurization of biogas

Today, biogas is at the centre of renewable energies – we just can’t do without it. As engine technology continues to develop, the quality of the gas becomes even more important in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

Our filter solution: highly effective activated carbon

The open pore system and the highly-effective doping elements mean that our dopetac sulfo 100 ® activated carbon can work even at very heavy loads, with an outstandingly long operating life in filter systems.

Purification by desulphurization

Using dopetac sulfo 100® to desulphur biogas gives your power plant the necessary protection for long-term and continuous system operation. Due to the special manufacturing process we use for dopetac sulfo 100®, the activated carbon does not need to be impregnated. This means no pores are blocked, and the whole of the pore system can be used to desulphur the gas.

Save your engines while saving yourself time and money.

Biogasentschwefelung Biogasanlage Anklam