Activated carbon Filter

The optimum use of our activated carbon is in suitable activated carbon adsorbers. We provide a selection of various sizes and materials for your individual requirements. In a customer meeting with our sales department, a suitable filter for your system parameters can be determined by using a service life calculation.

Flat and bulk are available in the range.

The AdFiS flatbed adsorbers are manufactured in the rotation process as PE bodies and are a completely in-house development. With its low-pressure loss (less than 5 mbar), compared with normal bulk, it can mostly be retrofitted without difficulty into biogas systems, even without a further pressure increase.

To be able to provide a suitable desulphurisation system for any system size, the flat bed adsorbers can be obtained in various sizes. In addition, the absorbers may be installed to clean larger volume flows in parallel (according to the Tichelmann principle). For increased requirements on final purity, series connection is also possible.

Overview Flatbed Adsorber
AF 300 KAF 450 K
Filling volume [m³]0,7approx. 1,1
Quantity [kg]320530
Max. volume flow [m³/h]175280
Framesteel, galvanizedsteel, galvanized
Max. working pressure [mbar]120120
Circuit pointsDN 65/ 80/ 100DN 65/ 80/ 100
Flachbettabsorber AF 300 KFlachbettabsorber AF 450 K

Bulk activated carbon filter

Bulk are used for larger volume flows are produced by us as stainless-steel round containers with diameters from 0.5 to 2 m. Depending on the volume of the filter, we provide the total package with working platform, ascension ladder and crane track.

We value simple handling of our adsorbers when filling and emptying the filter – regardless of whether it is for agriculture biogas, biogas from waste water treatment plants or other air cleaning systems.

Complete gas cleaning lines inc. gas cooling, compressor and piping are planned in our in-house design department and then fitted on site. Of course, adjustment is always done in cooperation with the customer and depending on the local conditions.

Overview Bulk Adsorber
AS 500AS 1000AS 1500AS 1800AS 2000
Filling volume [m³]approx. 0,121246
Quantity [kg]approx. 6046092018402760
Diameter [mm]5001.0001.4901.7901.990
Max. volume flow [m³/h]5030065012002000
Material1.45711.4571/ PE 100 RC1.45711.43011.4301
FrameOptional (galvanized)steel, galvanizedsteel, galvanizedsteel, galvanizedsteel, galvanized
Max. working
pressure [mbar]
120200 / 120200450450
Circuit pointsDN 40DN 100DN 125DN 200DN 250
Schüttbettabsorber AS 500Schüttbettabsorber AS 1000Schüttbettabsorber AS 1500Schüttbettabsorber AS 1800Schüttbettabsorber AS 2000